Manly Musicals and a NOLA Reunion

The past 2 weeks have been insane in the best way possible. I overcame the stomach bug that John so graciously gave me.  I lost like 6 pounds in a day.  Take that new year’s resolution!   Once I could function again,  I finally went to see Les Mis.  We have one of those fabulous movie theaters where you sit in big comfy chairs and can order booze.  I love it.  It makes going to normal movie theater seem so taxing.  (Cinebistro Vail – check it out if you are ever in town).  John accompanied me because I bribed him with dinner at Montauk before.   It was delicious as always.  The movie was great.  I loved it.  He liked it.  Success.  It was kind of long but you can’t really rush the French Revolution.   I had previously seen Les Miz on our tour de Europe collge trip with an EF Tours backpack.  We all enjoyed the 18 drinking age before the show that none of really paid any attention until we realized at intermission that a guy from S Club 7 was in the show.  Then we were enraptured by it.

This guy played Marius.  Could you blame us?  He really got our attention.

The next day John and I went to Denver to see War Horse.  He gave me a gift certif to the Denver Center and I thought this would be a good manly war musical he might enjoy (although he had no complaints about Wicked either…).  It was amazing.  They have these life size horse “puppets” on stage that are so life-like you think they’re real!  The story was a bit depressing but it’s easy to overlook because the horses are so cool!  John approved, but I think he’s hit his musical allotment for the year and it’s only January.

3 people operate one horse.  It even breathes!

I dropped John off at the airport for him to fly south for a manly hunting expedition to wipe out the artsy culture I had bestowed upon him and came back to Vail for one of the most high profile VPAC shows we’re ever done – Sit Down Comedy with Robin Williams and David Steinberg.  Tickets were a whopping $225 bucks but we sold it out!  I’m not familiar with Robin Williams beyond classics like Jumanji, Aladdin, and Mrs. Doubtfire, but apparently his stand up is notoriously inappropriate.  And omg yes it is.  It was like watching the Genie talk about Porn and boobs.  Kind of disturbing.  Like, realllllly disturbing.

They’re not the same.


John in the Delta while I’m in NOLA drinking martinis. If it flies, it dies.  He brought back a cooler of dead animals.  I brought back a new wardrobe from J Crew.


The next morning I boarded the 7 am flight from Eagle County Airport.  I was parked, through security, and at my gate in 7 minutes.  It’s the best airport in the world!  Free parking too.

I flew to New Orleans via DWF and was picked up by Will.  I was his hot date for Maggie’s wedding.  She lived with Will in Charleston in college and a bit after.  She’s from BR and is fabulous and this wedding was SUPER fabulous!  I got see to see lots of Will’s Charleston friends whom I’ve gotten to know through the years.  The wedding was at The Elms on St. Charles.  We had a blast.  We stayed in the Quarter in an apartment above the Napoleon House (Thanks to Mary T!).

The Elms

Photo: Happy happy

Photo: Hand grenades!!!!!

Jess’s and Chip’s first hand grenade


They had a guy painting the reception.  How great woudl it be to have this in your house?



Then Brucie came down on Sunday.  We checked into the Windsor Court and spent 3 days shopping, ordering room service, going to the spa, and eating.  It was paradise.   And it was so warm!!!!!!!!  More to come on Char/Brucie Nola Paradise.  Until then, enjoy the day!  It’s snow like woah here.


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  1. Jenna

    Charlotte, I DIED when you brought up seeing Les Miz in London!! I slept through that whole thing!! Cannot believe that you remember the S Club guy being in it. So jealous of your NOLA weekend!! Miss ya girlfriend!

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