Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  Things have been very busy here in Beaver Creek.  One of the drawbacks of working in a resort community is that holidays are your busiest times of year.  Imagine a good time for you to go on vacation.  That’s when we’re slammed.  Hence, one must work on Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.  This was my second Christmas away from home and I must say, it went much better than last year.  We’ve had great shows at the VPAC including Michael Bolton (cheesy), Clay Aiken (cheesier), acrobats, animal tricks, Linda Eder, Beach Boys, Beatles tribute band, and a Michael Jackson cover band.  I think the best part was when the Beach Boys (minus Brian Wilson) came out on stage and said, “Hey Beaver Creek!  We’re still alive!!!!”  It was awesome.

Christmas was also fun because dear Brucie bought out every online site she could and sent me tons of gifts.  The UPS guy who delivers to the VPAC came in every day and would declare “More for Ms. Mintz!”  My co-workers who all are older than me and less into the holidays think we’re insane and probably that I still believe in Santa (I pick Brucie over Santa any day).

We continued the tradition of our Best Friend Christmas gift exchange.  While we’re all not in Funroe, we did a Google hangout chat with Jan in Cali, Will and MKB in Funroe, and me here in Vail.

My old side kick Katie also came out for Christmas which made things much less lonely, especially since John went home to be with his fam in ATL for a week.  Katie skied for the first time and did fabulous!  It was so good to see her and Tyler.

The only Christmas meltdown I had this year (huge improvement over last year…) was at church on Christmas Eve.  Growing up we always went to church at Grace on Christmas Eve and sat with the Breards and told Graves to go forward for this children’s’ sermon, etc.  A great tradition!  I’ve found  a church here in Vail that we frequent (powder days sometimes get in the way).  It’s lots of young families and second home owners, etc.  On Christmas Eve they do like 10 services all over town for all the tourists.  They do one service for the locals early afternoon with a kid Christmas Pageant etc.  I had to work that night so I could only make the afternoon service.  It was dumping snow, I was running late, and I couldn’t find a parking space anywhere!  I eventually had to park a mile down the road and hitch a ride in.  Of course, all I’m thinking is “John could have fixed this!!!! He would have created some fake but acceptable parking place for us or dropped me off!!!” And the melt down begins.

I pull it together (kind of) and go into the church which I swear had 500 people in it.  I’ve never seen such a crowd.  They set up chairs in the lobby with a live stream TV feed so you could watch.  Hell no I wasn’t watching church on tv.  This is when I would have peaced out, but remember – my car is a mile down the highway and I have to wait on my shuttle til after church.   So I go in and stand in the corner in front of the kids dressed as sheep and wise men, and try to be as out-of-the-way as possible.  I was so invisible that no one even talked to me during the Peace!  The kids were precious.  The wise men did a rap song.  It was great, expect it was all families and I was like a creepy predator in the corner all by myself.  After church, one of our VPAC volunteers spotted me and came up to say hi.  He was definitely going in for a hand shake or a shoulder pat and I was so starved for a human Christmas connection that I hugged him.  Full on hug.  To this 70-year-old man I barely know.  It was a low point.  Things rebounded with a great late night Christmas dinner with my roommates (they all had to work too).  Then Christmas morning, Brucie and I facetimed before I went off to work.  We had 2 shows of the Golden Dragon Acrobats.  Nothing says “Merry Christmas!’ like a bunch of tiny Asians climbing on top of each other.

So that’s what Christmas was like here in Colorado!  We had a fun work party, went to the hospital fundraiser, and skied a bit.  I also watched the entire first season of Newsroom.  Amazing.

Illustrations of the past few weeks:

Michael BoltonThat’s Michael Bolton singing “When a Man Loves a Woman” in the aisle.  Women 50+ swooned.

image_1Tickets weren’t selling well so we had to do some creative marketing.  This life-size cut out was on the mountain all day for skiers to pose with.

image_2I bought these plaid holiday pants on a whim at j crew.  And I wore them 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  Validated!

imageUncle John at home in Atlanta.  He must have had his mother following him around to take pictures of him reading to the kids because he sent me tons of these.

image_3Krazy Katie the KD skis!

image_4Katie and Tyler at Bol Christmas night.  Bowling with martinis is how I like to spend my Christmas for sure.

image_5BFF Christmas via Google.

image_6John, so excited to be in a tux.

image_7Vail Valley Medical Center’s Holiday Dinner and Dance.

image_8New Year’s Eve at about 10:30.  John’s asleep.  I woke him up at midnight.  We went to dinner at Up the Creek and then came home.  We’re so edgy.


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