What I Did on My Summer Vacay

Summer 2010 was pretty phenom.  New Orleans is hot in the summer.  Go figure.  But I didn’t melt or anything.  I ate tons of sno-balls and tried out nearly every sno-ball stand in New Orleans (My fav is sno wizard on Magazine.  Best pink lemonade sno-ball for sure).

It was a bit odd being here during summer without Caroline (studying in China), Ben (Vegas vacation), and Jim (back home for the summer) but I still managed to have a fab time.  I took a class during June that was actually really hard and I spent lots of time studying.  Then I worked all of July at the Contemporary Arts Center’s Summer Arts Camp.  It was no Camp DeSoto, but I really enjoyed it.  I was the behind the scenes paperwork girl.  Lots of book keeping, phoning parents, ordering supplies, and hanging out with kids who threw up or had an accident.  I got to carry around a walkie talkie.  I basically lived at the CAC for 4 weeks, but I made some nice money which was a fun change.

Intermixed through the summer were many a trip.  I went to Colorado twice and am now basically a pro fly fisher girl.  I went to 3 weddings (1 Monroe, 2 Oxford).  I spent Memorial Day (Oh the goat roast), the 4th, and Labor Day at Lake Washington.  I also trekked across the southeast with Mari Kath to Charleston to see Will for a while.  Basically, I lived in the front seat of Mari Kath’s Tahoe (aka the Polar Bear) for many hours.  I also learned to drive the boat!


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