If Blair doesn’t kill her, I will.

So 2 days have passed since the Gossip Girl season finale.  And I am still in shock.  Like whoa!  Whoa.  I have never felt such wrath for a fictional character as I do for Jenny Humphrey.  She is a life ruiner – of her own life AND of the rest of Manhatten’s elite.  I really can’t believe it.  This season was kind of a dundunduh with the transition to college (always tricky for a tv show) and all the boring mess with the parents.  I think Serena’s absentee Baldwin father should go absent again, and I really don’t care for the Rufus/Lilly love. Focus on the youth.  Even more offensive than Jenny’s actions is her hair.  It’s like part horsetail and part hippie and part knotty mess.  Bad bad bad.  When she was having her little breakdown at the hospital, she looked like a hot mess.  She should have been glowing (she just left Chuck’s lair… my dream!) but she was literally melting like the wicked witch of the Westside.   May she vanish to Hudson forever!!!!

I loved Georgina as a Russian.

I want to go to Paris with my bffs and wear stripes and a beret like Blair.

If Chuck perishes in Prague, I too will die.  He is my tv love, and I can’t imagine life without him.  The silk robes, the stiff drinks, the wit, the ambition, the bow ties… I love it.


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One response to “If Blair doesn’t kill her, I will.

  1. Will

    Chuck will be back!

    did you see that amazing ring?!

    also.. i love lily and rufus (minus the name) together.. i want them to be over with the are they together.. they are fucking marrrrried.. next story line.. they can play the happy parents who let there kids do whatever.. enough of everything else.

    love Georgina

    MORE ERIC! i mean come on.. he is far more entertaining than jenny.. may she be in hudson forever.. or until she goes back to the cute blonde girl who didnt say much

    didnt you love blair’s outfits throughout! and that one serena was wearing when she confronted nate.. like she just got back from the horse racing tracks.. yay!

    and i have to say.. let vanessa stay in hati.. for a while.. she bugs..

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