Two weeks ago I went up to Mentone, AL for May Retreat at Camp DeSoto.  I was theoretically the musical entertainment for church, but really I got to just retreat.  The weekend was wonderful.  I got to see many camp friends, go horseback riding, stay in the c-cabin, and just be somewhere where the high was 70 degrees.  It made me so sad I won’t be there this summer.

The best part of the weekend, though, was the actual retreat itself.  We studied the enneagram, a personality profiling tool that separates everyone into 9 different categories referred to by the numbers 1-9.  It really helps one see that there are 9 valid responses and reactions to what happens in any life situation.  We did some enneagram testing at DeSoto the past 2 summers I was on staff, but this was way more contemplative and intense.  The retreat was lead by a nun named Sister Cheryl.  OMG.  But not the same nun Sister Cheryl from St. Freds (parabola…).  Sister Cheryl is an enneagram expert who travels all around the country leading retreats.  She is a cool, hip nun who makes jokes and curses and even talks about cute boys.  We never took an actual test to diagnose ourselves, but we spent the weekend learning about each number and relating to what we think we might be.  I was misdiagnosed two summers ago as a 7 which is the “entertainer”.  7s generally are super optimistic and fun.  The way to really tell what you really are is to see what motivates you.  For a 7, the biggest motivation is avoiding pain.  I never really bought the whole enneagram thing that summer, but it was because I really wasn’t a 7.  I’m a 3!  A 3 is the “administrator” or “performer”.  The main motivation is success and the main avoidance is failure.  It’s unbelievable how dead on this enneagram thing is.  It tells you how you communicate and react to stress and even how you decorate your house.  All I can think about now is what numbers my friends and family are.  On the ride back to Birmingham to pick up my car from Emmy’s, we diagnosed all the characters from Glee (Rachel’s a 3 too), The Office, Wicked, Mad Men, Friends, and all Disney movies.

Here is an enneagram quizzes but beware that Sister Cheryl does not recommend these and suggests you do some reading about the numbers and the decide for yourself what you are.


This is a great site!  www.allpersonality.com



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5 responses to “Enneagramin’

  1. rena

    Cool-I’m a Three also- so do you think it sounds like you? I am a tiny bit (ok, a lot) obsessed with the Enneagram. I have a blog all about them. You may like the free badges- there’s several different ones for each type. I’d love to know what you think of the site!

  2. rena

    Great- I will add you to my links- I’m trying something new and catagorizing them by the author’s Enneagram type. I will add yours under type three- my first one for the Threes….aside from myself of course…but i can’t really list myself. 🙂

  3. What’s your blog address?

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