Why so glum, Glee?

Why so glum, Glee?  I love Glee.  They sing and dance so this love is pretty much a given.  But these serious, gloomy, sad story lines have got to go.  All the sad wheelchair, football accident story lines are a tad sad. And while Artie’s dance with the Forrest Gump crutches was inspiring, I would have preferred just about anything else.  Loved NPH though. That Doogie Howser has some serious longevity.  (Did you know he’s directing a production of RENT in LA right now for the Hollywood Bowl starring Vanessa Hudgens?  What I wouldn’t give to see it!)

Glee thoughts:

  1. I prefer Asian Santana to Asian lisp girl.
  2. Mr. Shu’s Broadway dreams have been realized.  He must have forgotten about his stint in South Pacific.  I saw him.  It happened.
  3. During “Dream On” he was rocking an open sweater vest.  Oh Mr. Shu….
  4. Enough with the gloom – bring on the glee!
  5. Yay Idina!  My friend Emmy so called that she was the birth mother.
  6. Quinn finally discovered her local Pea in the Pod maternity store and has become actually pregnant over night.  Amen to her sitting and singing and not twirling.
  7. I think Fin had 1 line.
  8. More Puck por favor.

Jesse St. James, you scheming little peon!  Ease up on the hair gel.  You look like Cooper Nealson from Center Stage.  And how dare you dupe my Rachel.


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One response to “Why so glum, Glee?

  1. Will

    1.love santana.. like in the madonna ep! whoa!

    2.go shu.. and did you see him in vouge.. it made me wonder if he waxed for vouge.. or is it fake chest hair in glee

    3.there are only a few who can pull that off.. poets mostly

    4.i agree.. GAGA here we come!

    5.duh! hopefully she’ll become a regular!

    6.i was beginning to wonder about this myself.. also.. do you think she is preggers on the tour.. b/c artie is in a wheelchair..

    7.which is sad.. but next week is all about him!

    8.yes. and yes again

    ok so i totally wish that artie wasnt in a wheelchair.. like magic make him better.. im done with it.. i also watch parenthood and they have a kid with mild autism.. and im sick of that storyline too.. yay for the attention.. lets just be happy and pretend again.. i mean artie is a natural dancer!

    also.. im pumped for mike chang action and the britney ep next season!!!!!!

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