Brucie Day part 2

We had a lovely time celebrating Brucie Day last night, and the party continued today!  We did some shopping and then had lunch at Cafe Rani and got some Pinkberry.  This is my favorite purchase of the day:

It’s from Banana Republic.  I’m wearing it now with my pajamas.  It just feels luxurious.

I’m off to my fave place in the world, Camp DeSoto, tomorrow for May Retreat.  They needed a guitar player so I’m in!  I can’t wait to spend a weekend in the mountains with camp friends.  I’m so very sad that I won’t be working at camp this summer so hopefully this will help me get my camp fix under control.

Tonight I’m going to pack and brush up on the ole guitar skills.  It’s been a while since I played camp music.  Probably since I got home from camp last summer in fact.  Oooh and Caroline and I have been saving this week’s Biggest Loser episode to watch tonight.  We both finished finals this week and are ready to lose ourselves in the world of the Biggest Loser makeover episode.   There is no better celebration than a makeover.


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