Gleeful thoughts

So I woke up this morning an hour before my alarm even went off.  I couldn’t sleep!  Maybe bc I am so excited that Brucie is coming in town today?  I do believe.

So my 7 a.m. Glee viewing of last night’s episode- many thoughts.

1.  I love when Mr. Shu dances.  Even to Ice Ice Baby.  He’s very Justin Timberlake.

2.  Quinn – when you start dancing, I fear for your baby.  Stay still.

3.  Rachel’s sweater with the sailboat on it?  Forever 21.  I tried it on like 2 months ago. She’s such a recessionista!

4.  Mmmm Puck.  Yes.  Finally an episode with some Puck.  I esp. loved when he used his Jewness to woo Rachel.

5.  Those hammer pants they rocked in the library were all the rage when I was in Argentina.  People wear them – like for real.

6.  Olivia Newton John!  They should have sung songs from Grease.

7.  The “Get Physical” video: Where did they find 20 AC Slater clones in wrestling outfits on such short notice?

All in all, not my favorite episode.  Not enough singing.  I did enjoy “Total Eclipse of the Heart” but I’m not so much in a rush to download Shu’s version of “Ice Ice Baby.”  Or Rachel’s weird Leader of the Pack-esque song.

Can’t wait til next week!


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