Brucie Day

Every Wednesday is Brucie Day on XM radio channel 6 (60s on 6!).  There is a DJ named Cousin Brucie and he always advertises Wednesday as Brucie Day.  We looooove Brucie day.  My Brucie and DJ Brucie are the only other Brucies that I know other that Brucie from Finding Nemo (Heeeeeere’s Brucie!  Best part of the movie.)

Neither Ben nor I will be home this weekend for Mother’s Day so we are celebrating tonight.  Brucie is coming to town for the evening to take a deposition in Houma tomorrow.  Ben is taking us out to Bayona for dinner.  I’m so excited for a fun cocktail post work with Brucie at the Polo Lounge and then to dinner.  Hopefully Ben will make it on time.  Then tomorrow Brucie and I can shop and have lunch before she heads down to Houma.   I hope you are all having a wonderful Brucie day!

Brucie varieties:

Nemo Brucie, My Brucie, DJ Cousin Brucie


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