Tuesday: Best TV Night of the Week

Reasons I love this Tuesday:

Working 9-5 and making some money

Babysitting at 6 for the cutest children ever

But the main reasons that Tuesday is always awesome: Glee, Biggest Loser, and the Dancing with the Stars results show.

Timing the dvr on Tuesdays is a bit of work.  Especially because darn Ryan Seacrest and his terrible American Idol contestants run over everytime causing Glee to go late and my dvr to miss the last 6 minutes of Glee (which usually is the best part – the finale! a big musical number!). 

The Tuesday routine:

First we watch Sunshine work it out. Oneal will be missed this week.  No fear – I saw him on the Today show yesterday and he looked fabulous.

Then during commercials, we nervously watch Niecey sweat while waiting to see if she will move one step closer to the mirror ball trophy.

And finally we see Glee and enjoy nearly 50 minutes of dvr fun.  Song and dance galore!

Usually I work it out this way: Watch Biggest Loser from 7-9 and flip to Dancing results show during commercials.  Actually watching the Dancing with the Stars results show is a feat.  They spend about 15 minutes in all doing the elimination and the other 45 is filled with musical performances with pop stars from Venezuela or something.  After Biggest Loser, I’ll watch Glee on the dvr and fast forward through the commercials and enjoy the show uninterupted.  It’s a great 3 hours.  Love Tuesdays.

If you follow this schedule, I guarantee at least three hours of your Tuesday will be fabulous!


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  1. Mary Ellis

    Finally…after dinner mintz!!!!! Now I can keep up with you via the web! Come visit me in DC…or else! LYLAS

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