Jazzy Jazz Fest

I got to pretend to be a hippie for a whole day!  Dear Ben let me tag along with his friends to Jazz Fest.  And I loved it.  I’ve never been to a big music festival.  I worked really hard on the perfect musical outfit.  I packed my Patagonia messenger bag with rain essentials and hand sanitizer.  I was ready.

It was so much fun.  We saw some brass bands and the watched Band of Horses and finally Pearl Jam.  ( I think someone should produce a pop music festival, btw.  With like Justin, Britney, New Kids, Mandy Moore… I would camp out and do the whole thing Bonaroo style.)  The food was so good (omg crawfish bread. find some.)  The art was phenom.  It was a great bro sis bonding day.  Afterward, we went to a crawfish boil and ate 50000 pounds of crawfish.  Another wonderful day in New Orleans.


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  1. Katie

    I am soooooo down for the pop musical festival!

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