Herbsaint: So Saintly

Mintz Supper Club took me to Herbsaint last week.  Ben is totally obsessed with The Butcher and Herbsaint is in the same restaurant family along with Cochon.  OMG delicious.  We got a table quickly but the restaurant was almost full on a Wednesday night after 9.  The atmosphere is cool but not pretentious.  Windows encompass most of the restaurant walls.  I have walked by this place many times at night, very envious of those who were inside.  But now I was in!  I had a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio while waiting on Ben to arrive (duh to both having a drink and to Ben being late).  We ordered multiple appetizers including shrimp and grits (a square of grits!  pictured below) that were so heavenly.  The appetizer special was a bruschetta with crawfish something on top.  Life changing.   Ben had veal stuffed with ham and fontina over fresh capelini.  I had roasted chicken served with couscous, grilled vegetables and an olive vinaigrette.  We split a  piece of cheesecake for dessert.  It was all sooooo good.  One thing I really liked about Herbsaint was the limited menu – not overwhelming but good variety.  And you can see the kitchen which is fun.  One could tell that they use only the freshest of ingredients.  Loved it.  Totally recommend it.  Can’t wait to return.


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