Party in the MIA: Oh no, the cops are coming.

The Saint’s Super Bowl win was the best day ever.  After 15 hours on Bourbon Street, everything probably seems like the best day ever, but it really was.  We had so much fun, and we don’t even really care about football that much.  While sitting for 10 hours in the Cat’s Meow ,we heard a plethora of bad karaoke and many Saints tunes over and over again.  One of these songs, “Party in the MIA” is a song about the Saints winning the Super Bowl set to the impeccable best tune ever of “Party in the USA”.  I have my final law paper due in class tonight and I wrote about “Party in the MIA” and the legal copyright, music licensing, and NFL licensing issues that the song has faced.  Did you know Miley Cyrus knows about “Party in the MIA” and even has said she’ll record it herself??  I learned that from my interview with one of the song’s writers.  Basically, the writers want the song on iTunes but they have to get permission from like 8836427 people first.  So I doubt it will hit the iTunes top 10 anytime soon.  You can still enjoy it on YouTube.


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