The day has finally arrived.

I remember waiting for the seventh Harry Potter book, also the New Moon DVD release and for the Target Liberty collection oh it stores.   But nothing compares to this anticipation.  On December 9, 2009, Glee aired an episode entitled “Sectionals”.  Glee then disappeared until today.  Thank goodness they released all previous episodes on DVD just in time for a late Christmas gift.  Without these DVD’s, life would have been unlivable.  I understand that Fox probably only ordered so many episodes at first because they didn’t know how the audience would receive a comedy about a glee club, but it was a smash hit.  And then we “Gleeks” (Glee geeks.  And proud of it!) had to wait 124 days for another episode.  I can remember watching “Sectionals” like it was yesterday (It actually was, but I mean for the first time).  When Rachel came down the aisle singing “Rain On My Parade” I cried.  Legit tears.  And I am not really a crier.  So 124 days later, I am so ready to see what will happen next on Glee and more importantly what songs they will sing.


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